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Cloud Hosting Featured Articles

Avere Helps Customers Find Savings as They Move to the Cloud

Avere Systems, a data storage provider of hybrid cloud solutions, gives customers improved efficiency and lower costs.


Axis Communications Continues to Provide Technology as More Organizations Adopt the Cloud

Axis Communications, which has a network of over 65,000 partners across 179 nations, offers products and solutions that focus on security surveillance and remote monitoring. It provides network video products which are installed in locations such as airports, banks, casinos, motorways, prisons, retail chains, trains and universities.


CiRBA Offers Higher Density, Lower Risk in Operating Environments

CiRBA can eliminate risk and lead to more efficiency. The company's Automated Capacity Control software balances infrastructure supply and demand in the virtual and cloud infrastructure.


Concept Engineering's S-Engine Adds Smart Editing Features To Visualization Platform

Concept Engineering unveiled the new S-engine, which provides enhanced, automatic, schematic generation taking transistor-level visualization to greater levels of abstraction. This is a follow-up to the T-engine, an electronic design automation (EDA) tool in the company's NlView Widget platform.


Jelastic Releases Update to its Platform-as-Infrastructure Solution for Enterprises

For some time now, cloud computing has been appealing to enterprises and computer users that sought out access to a more complicated IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.


Why the Time is Right for Cloud Hosting

With so much talk about the cloud, how do you know if the time is right to focus on a migration strategy for your business? Hosting, for instance, is a popular focus for those wanting to make a change. Are there benefits to moving your in-house hosting to the cloud? We found a few that may make you want to consider cloud hosting.


Cloud Collaboration Solutions Offer a Variety of Benefits

Today's workplace is undergoing a massive transformation. Changes in technology, the rising prevalence of mobility and an increase in the number of workers embracing bring your own device (BYOD) are forcing organizations to rethink the way they conduct business and employee relations.


E-Filing Service Provider File & ServeXpress Selects Logicworks for Managed Cloud Hosting

A new managed cloud hosting partnership has been announced that will facilitate legal e-filing and service delivery. File & ServeXpress, which provides services for the secure exchange of legal documents, has selected Logicworks for managed cloud hosting.


Splunk Unveils Splunk Cloud

The recently unveiled Splunk Cloud is a new service designed to deliver the power of the Splunk Enterprise as a cloud service.


Colabo Improves Application Development with Ravello Cloud Application Hypervisor

Ravello Systems, a provider of Cloud Application Hypervisor, announced it has been selected by Colabo, a provider of predictive analytics solutions, to enable agile application development and test infrastructure.


Research Shows IT Spending On the Rise Thanks to Cloud Computing

IT departments play the most important role when it comes to how and why businesses use technologies. With so many solutions out there, IT managers have their work cut out for them, but the one technology that is fueling IT spending is cloud computing.


Disaster Recovery Hits the Cloud

About eight years ago my husband and I set up our disaster recovery plan for our home network. (Yeah, we're geeky but smart like that.) At the time, we considered using a cloud-based disaster recovery solution, but the market was still not mature enough and we settled for cold storage off-site backups by hard drive. How times have changed.


Cloud Hosting Provider Datapipe Recognized on CRN Fast Growth List

As the cloud continues to get more attention for its ability to support low cost applications and streamlined business operations, cloud hosting is also gaining more attention. This increase in demand is contributing to the growing number of opportunities for vendors with the right solutions. Datapipe is staking its claim, earning a place on CRN's Fast Growth 150 List.


Datapipe Locks Down Asia-Pacific with Singapore Expansion

Global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing Datapipe expanded its reach in Asia recently with new data center facilities and business offices in Singapore. The company established its presence in the region back in 2005 when it launched Datapipe Asia in Hong Kong, later making its way into mainland China with data center facilities in Shanghai.


How to Select the Right Cloud Hosting Provider

As a mobile society, we increasingly rely on applications to support our social lives, entertainment needs and business interactions. When that application is the latter, chances are the hosting service provider must meet a higher standard to ensure consistent service to the customer base. Selecting the right cloud hosting provider to meet this expectation is certainly a challenge, but asking the right questions is a great way to start.


Don't Be Spooked: Enterprises Should Not Be Scared of the Cloud

Many enterprises have been wary of adopting the cloud for several reasons, but many of these concerns do not rest on reality.


CloudSigma Offers Hybrid Hosting for Security, Flexibility

CloudSigma, an international, customer-centric, pure-cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, recently launched its hybrid hosting offering for customers at various locations, including Switch SuperNAP in Las Vegas, Nevada; Interxion in Zurich, Switzerland; and Equinix globally.


Steps Necessary to Ensure Cloud Security

When it comes to cloud computing, security is of primary concern, whether it is on-premises or off-site. Hence, it is no surprise that cloud hosting companies are attracting customers based on their ability to guarantee security for hosting services. Market studies have shown that cloud services are more secure than a company's on-site security.


Cloud-enabling Technologies Market Will Reach $22.6 Billion by 2016

We regularly cover news announcements touting new products and technologies, all designed to strengthen the cloud and enable development and deployment of cloud services. So it's nice to see some solid figures on just how quickly the market for these types of solutions is growing.


Thinking of Moving to the Cloud? Here Are a Few Security Tips

The cloud is one of those technologies that has its purpose pretty much everywhere you go, from social to business. With all the benefits cloud hosting touts, it has become quite an asset.


Cloud Hosting Delivers Flexibility and Speed

Developers and writers such as myself operate in much the same way. We sit in front of a laptop and construct digital creations, whether these creations are built with words or code.


NephoScale Creates CloudPaaS Offering Based on Cloud Foundry Open Source Development Platform

NephoScale recently announced a new cloud-based application development platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that offers automated staging and development of applications as well as a choice of developer frameworks and data services.


Enterprise Cloud Spending Expected to Rise Quickly with IaaS and SaaS Activity Doubling

In case there was any doubt about the future of enterprise cloud computing, a new study from 451 Research sets the record straight. IT professionals from around the world are adopting or planning to adopt cloud services in one fashion or another, and they're doing it in overwhelming numbers.


Generous Margins Might Be Hurting Cloud Hosting

Are cloud hosting margins too high?


Cloud Computing Market Set to Triple from 2008 to 2014

Research from Awesome Cloud shows the total size of the cloud computing market is set to triple from 2008 to 2014. The company, a provider of hosted IT infrastructure solutions, predicts the market will jump from $46 billion in 2008 to $150 billion by 2014.


Datapipe Managed AWS Optimizes Enterprise Cloud Computing with Acquisition of Newvem

Datapipe was recently selected by Presidiohealth to provide real-time, Web-based revenue workflow applications for physician practice management and billing.


Datapipe Provides HIPAA, PCI Compliance for Presidiohealth

Global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing, and confirmed 'Hot Company,' Datapipe, entered into a partnership with Presidiohealth, a provider of real-tie, Web-based revenue solutions for physician practice management and billing. Under the agreement, Datapipe will provide its HIPAA Compliance package as part of a custom solution, which will provide real-time, Web-based revenue workflow applications for physician practice management and billing.


Tactical Business Solutions Will be the Next Wave of Cloud Services

The growth of cloud services is still a small portion of overall IT spending, according to research firm Gartner, and the next wave of cloud investment will look different from what came before it.


Cloud Hosting Must Get Security Right for Gains in the Healthcare Industry

The benefits of cloud computing are huge for healthcare organizations. The trick is getting the security right, which is one of the main reasons why the healthcare industry has been relatively slow to adopt cloud services despite the benefits.


Healthcare Organizations Should Look to the Cloud to Secure Important Data and Records

The growing number of compliance and regulatory mandates placed on healthcare providers can create a huge headache for IT departments. The cloud offers myriad opportunities for securing important data and records, but many organizations have shied away from cloud solutions due to security concerns.


Demand for Cloud Services Strong, Survey Says

Provider of Web hosting services Hostway recently released the results of its cloud services survey, and the calculations are rather promising for cloud services. It turns out that the demand for cloud services is strong.


Cloud Hosting an Untapped Equalizer for SMBs

A small or mid-sized company cannot plant a giant store in the middle of New York City like Macy's does with its flagship store. But it can compete with Macy's online, where a company's size does not necessarily give it an advantage over smaller firms.


Gartner: the Cloud of the Future Will Look Quite Different From Today

The funny thing about clouds is that they are constantly shifting and changing their appearance. A quick glance at the sky can reveal a group of distinct shapes that will disappear in several moments. The same can be said of the cloud market, and a new survey and report from Gartner shows that cloud usage is still very much in its infancy.


Cloud Hosting Allows Business Intelligence at 10 Percent of the Usual Cost

In the past, only large corporations could take part in these Business Intelligence efforts because they were cost-prohibitive for all but those with the biggest budgets, but modern cloud computing has cut these prices down an to an estimated 10 percent of what they usually cost. By having companies' data hosted in the cloud rather than on hardware maintained by the companies themselves, Business Intelligence Software as Services can analyze the data with ease and report useful trends that would otherwise remain unknown.


Government Office Ready to Spent $10 Billion on Cloud Services

Ten companies have signed indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contracts with the DOI, with each contract valued at around $1 billion. The 10 companies are IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Unisys, Lockheed Martin, Aquilent, Smartronix, CGI Group, and Autonomic Resources and Global Technology Resources.


Tariff Consultancy Releases Mobile Cloud Storage Pricing Analysis

Tariff Consultancy Ltd., a fixed and mobile pricing analyst, recently released its latest survey, labeled the "Mobile Cloud Storage Tracker and Analysis Service." This survey is the latest in Tariff Consultancy's portfolio of pricing services and it takes a dive into the mobile cloud storage market, which has been growing at a tremendous rate.


Automated Mobile Testing in the Cloud Ensures Quality, Customer Satisfaction

Quality is a challenge for all software development, but for mobile applications, it is particularly elusive. The rapid growth in mobile services such as SMS, mobile Web and mobile applications has created a variety of testing complications, not least of which is the fact that there are hundreds of available devices on, which a user might want to run the service (nearly 300 devices in the U.S. alone).


Why Cloud Hosting Makes Sense

Cloud hosting continues to grow in popularity among businesses of all sizes. It is often referred to as the hottest trend in the hosting market. Some reports claim that cloud hosting can deliver benefits on par with dedicated hosting, while others point to a competitive advantage. The biggest difference between the two is the price, although hosting solutions do offer a few features that tend to turn the heads of the small business IT manager.


To Share or Not to Share - That is the Cloud Hosting Question

You've done the homework, you've investigated the options and you've run the numbers. You know that cloud hosting is the right option for you. The only problem is there's another decision to make - shared or dedicated hosting. Not sure on the difference? You're not alone, but a quick examination of both can help you choose the right direction.


Comparing and Contrasting Different Types of Web Hosting

Web hosting is gaining momentum as it allows individuals and organizations to establish an online presence on the Internet through servers. As it grows, more and more companies are entering this field to offer a variety of hosting services. As a result, today there are so many different types of hosting services available. There are basically four different types: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and cloud hosting.


Lockheed Martin Brings Department of Interior into a Different Cloud

The first thing that comes to mind for those who think about Lockheed Martin may well indeed be the cloud, but more of a physical sort than the computing kind. But Lockheed Martin doesn't just offer access to the stratus and cumulonimbus, it also offers access to the information technology cloud, and the U.S Department of the Interior is turning to Lockheed Martin to get the department to this new cloud.


Rackspace Beefs Up Open Cloud Academy with Network Operations Class

Rackspace is a server and cloud hosting vendor that focuses largely on OpenStack and other open-source cloud technologies. As such, it's a company that can benefit greatly from widespread cloud education - a point it obviously agrees with since it launched its Open Cloud Academy earlier this year.


DreamHost, eNom Offer Powerful New Hosting and Domain Service

A major new partnership in domain registry and Web hosting opened up, as eNom and DreamHost recently came together in a new strategic partnership. Given what each company offers, it allows each side to offer to its immediate customer base a set of offerings that go together very smoothly.


Steps to Complete Before Selecting a Cloud Hosting Provider

Hosting solutions in the cloud can seem like a risky maneuver, but a number of businesses have come to recognize that trusting a provider via the Internet is safer than managing something on their own. The challenge then lies in identifying the right cloud hosting provider that can deliver on expectations.


Are DISA's Claims of Cloud-based Savings Just Pie in the Sky?

Recently, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) showed some plans to launch a major cloud computing project valued at around $450 million. But contractors who work with DISA seemed a bit skeptical of some of DISA's claims, and began to wonder if the agency would be offering some great, cost-effective solutions or was just a way to resell current products and services at a higher rate.


Hosting Provider Security Breach Highlights the Need for Better Practices

A recent security breach at French cloud hosting giant OVH shows that it is hard to be too paranoid when it comes to sensitive information.


Datapipe Stratosphere Powers Breeders' Cup Fantasy 'Capping Online Game

What do cloud computing and thoroughbred horse racing have in common? A lot that complement each other, offering the ability to power thousands of users, ensure uptime and deliver 40 percent cost savings.


Is it Time for Cloud Hosting? What Should You Consider?

Making any type of big purchase requires a thorough process to determine the best direction. When it comes to replacing a server or expanding the data center, options to consider don't stop at the vendors offering the hardware. The decision process has to expand to include a cloud hosting option. Selecting the best option for the business environment all depends on the needs and culture of that organization.


The Host Group Updates Client Portal for Improved Experience for Managed Dedicated Server Customers

Managed dedicated server hosting company The Host Group has updated its proprietary client portal. Customers may now have complete control over their managed server accounts using the solution, and the updated version offers more detailed performance metrics as well as greater site content monitoring for managed dedicated servers.


Signetique Extends Discount for Cloud Hosting Services

Signetique, a Singapore-based cloud hosting provider, has extended promotional discount for its cloud for another month as a response to the overwhelming interest in cloud hosting services.


Jingdong Unveils Open Cloud-based Solution for Mobile App Developers

Jingdong, a B2C e-commerce company, recently expanded its cloud ecosystem with the launch of a new cloud-based solution called JDMEngine. The new solution is an open, collaborative and cloud hosting environment designed to help third-party developers and other business partners improve efficiency and reduce application development costs.


ERP Hosting Checklist

ERP used to be insanely complex, sometimes taking years to install, costing millions for licenses and consultants, and there was no guarantee it would even work. The cloud, by removing the vagaries of infrastructure construction and management, eases much of the ERP burden and vastly increases chances of success.


Google Adds New Features to Cloud Storage Service

As the cloud storage market continues to accelerate, Google Cloud Storage is offering new features that bear a striking resemblance to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


What You Need to Know About Cloud Hosting

How long have you considered migrating business operations to the cloud? If you're like a number of business owners, you've considered the benefits involved, looked at the technology side and walked away scratching your head. You're stumped by the way it's supposed to work and you're worried about the process involved, the company delivering the service and the perceived risk. You're not alone.


Enterprise IT is Changing Thanks to Managed Services

The case for the managed cloud is a solid one. Now businesses just need to try it and discover the benefits.


Legacy Systems are a Drag on Cloud Adoption

CIOs have spoken: If you want our business, help us manage complexity.


The Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Manufacturers

The benefits of cloud hosting for businesses extend far and wide, from scalability and cost savings to enhanced security and efficiencies. In specific industries, such as manufacturing, cloud hosting is having a significant impact. To succeed in an increasingly competitive market, manufacturers today must strive to bring a high level of accuracy to their operations.


ERP Hits the Cloud

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been a staple of enterprise IT for awhile, although IT and business leaders now are discovering that it is time for the next phase of ERP software adoption: ERP cloud hosting.


Best Practices for Contracting Cloud Hosting Services

Hosting applications in the cloud requires consideration of a lot of factors, least of which are to assess the risks of cloud computing and have clarity on data protection and security.


Greater Efficiency and Resources Drive Cloud Storage Growth

There has been a lot of movement in the cloud storage sector recently, as more businesses show their growing confidence in cloud hosting.


Can Cloud Hosting Can Cut Energy Use Significantly?

Although you may have already migrated to the cloud and seen benefits ranging from reduced expenses and improved employee productivity to a much higher level of flexibility and access to important documents from anywhere at any time, did you know some experts are claiming that cloud hosting can actually save much needed energy as well?


1&1 Internet Unveils New Cloud Hosting Server to Deliver More Flexibility and Power

1&1 Internet, a provider of Web and cloud hosting solutions, has unveiled a new server package available for $0.06 per hour.


BRIT Systems Turns to ClearDATA for HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Hosting

Though the cloud hosting industry is growing, there have continued to be concerns about the security and compliance of cloud services within the healthcare industry.


PeakColo Secures $3 Million from Square 1 Bank to Push Cloud Hosting Business

PeakColo, a provider of cloud hosting and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions to channel partners, has recently secured $3 million in debt funding from Square 1 Bank. The funding will help the company support its growth, capital intensive business along with its innovative technology initiatives, said Sharon Kincl, vice president of Finance and Administration for PeakColo.


RightScale Integrates Cloud Hosting with Rackspace Cloud in Australia

The demand for public and private cloud hosting is rising. There is more of a demand for private cloud than public cloud. This may be due to the complexities and security concerns associated with the public cloud infrastructure. Hybrid clouds are also gaining popularity as they offer certain levels of privacy now demanded by customers.


Roambi Business Goes to the Cloud

Roambi is taking to cloud hosting, as the latest version of MeLLmo's service, Roambi Business, is launched. The app provides data visualization, as well as content publishing tools, and can help businesses of all sizes access and handle their data, analytics, and insight.


The Evolution of Cloud Hosting: From Shared Web Hosting to the Public Cloud

From the days of shared Web hosting and VPS hosting to today's seemingly limitless public cloud computing services, cloud hosting options for businesses have expanded significantly over the past two decades.


Ektron and Rackspace Hosting Enter Into Collaborative Relationship

"Enterprises need a trusted advisor who can provide not only an industry-leading infrastructure, but also end-user support services for their Rackspace solutions," said Adrian Lloyd, director, alliances & partners at Ektron, EMEA, in a statement.


Ektron and Rackspace Hosting Enter into Collaborative Cloud Relationship

Ektron Inc. and Rackspace Hosting have entered into a collaborative relationship to deliver enterprise hybrid cloud hosting to Ektron customers.


Adobe Selects Siber Systems' GoodSync Software

GoodSync backup and synchronization technology from Siber Systems is powering the file synchronization capability in Adobe Creative Cloud.


MBX Builds Next Generation Cloud Hosting Services Using Seagate Technology

MBX Systems, a manufacturer of custom server appliances, has joined the Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance as part of its efforts to optimize cloud storage platforms. The partnership is especially beneficial to ISVs and OEMs for whom MBX builds cloud storage systems.


Cartika Launches Enterprise Cloud Hosting Services on OnApp Cloud Platform

Cartika is a cloud hosting service that offers an automated Web administration interface that allows clients to maintain their Web hosting system from any computer with an Internet connection. In recent news, the company has revealed it has selected the OnApp Cloud platform to launch a new range of enterprise cloud hosting services.


Intel Debuts New Solid State Drives for Cloud Hosting

Solid state hard drive technology offers a lot of promise for cloud hosting, both in terms of reliability and read/write speeds. The technology's costs generally have been prohibitive, however, keeping SSDs from the hosting market.


Cloud Hosting Provider Datapipe Expands Footprint into Iceland

While you may not immediately think of Iceland as an ideal location for outsourced IT and cloud hosting, the destination which houses Verne Global's data center was recently chosen by Datapipe as its next step towards enhancing its customer base. Verne Global offers a 100-percent renewably powered data center solution that is ideal for HPC and cloud applications


Best Practices for Taking a Risk-Free Approach to Cloud Hosting

Although cloud is frequently touted as the "end all, be all" of technology solutions, it's not necessarily the right path for all businesses. However, with that being said, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are expected to spend up to $100 billion on cloud services by 2014, according to research from AMI Partners. Furthermore, cloud services and hosting are expected to double in five years, while the number of the world's smallest companies using at least one paid cloud service will triple in the next three years, according to a study by Microsoft and Edge Strategies


Cloud Hosting Provider IS Group Acquires Nxs Internet

IS Group, a Dutch provider of cloud hosting and IT services, has acquired Amsterdam-based hosting provider Nxs Internet. The acquisition is significant for IS Group considering the huge potential surrounding the cloud computing services market. The industry has witnessed robust growth over the last three years. Technology, service innovation, competitive pricing and increased market acceptance have contributed to this growth, according to a recent industry report.


Big Brain Turns to OnApp to Build Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloud hosting is here to stay. According to reports, more and more businesses are shifting to the cloud from dedicated servers, and much of the new infrastructure is being developed by startup companies in the cloud.


Signetique Unveils Cloud Hosting Service in Singapore

Cloud hosting services have changed the face of enterprise IT for the better. In fact, organizations are continuing to turn to the cloud thanks to the affordability and convenience powered by it.


Cloud Hosting's Impact on the Digital Wallet

The digital wallet is a relatively new concept that has potential to disrupt the way retail and business operate in as much as the Internet has impacted ecommerce. Cloud computing and hosting has drastically changed IT operations and enterprise business support functions, and stands to have a substantial impact in mobile business models and operations.


Big Brain Global Launches Cloud Services Built on OnApp Cloud

In an effort to target the company's small and medium-sized customers, Virginia-based hosting provider Big Brain Global has launched a new range of cloud services built on the OnApp Cloud platform. Big Brain, which offers managed services, has a client base of SMBs looking for affordable but high availability hosting for data-driven applications. The company chose OnApp to create cloud services for its SMB customers, joining Big Brain's existing virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server and colocation hosting services.


Hybrid Cloud Changing the Cloud Hosting Sphere: Study

With cloud hosting growing in terms of users by the day, a recent study released in conjunction with Microsoft and 451 Research is highlighting that while over half (52) percent of companies have already moved the cloud, 68 percent of organizations will be implementing a hybrid cloud model within a 24-month period. That is an increase of approximately 20 percent from the year prior.


Cloud Computing to Represent 45 Percent of Software Installations in Manufacturing in 10 Years

Cloud computing, hosting and virtualization are the two major technologies driving the enterprise IT market today. Organizations are increasingly turning to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions because they reduce the cost and complexity associated with installing and running the software in house.


Project Objects Turns to Datapipe Cloud Hosting to Expand PPM Services in US

Datapipe, a provider of cloud hosting services, has formed a strategic partnership with Project Objects as part of that company's strategy to expand into the U.S Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Project Portfolio Management (PPM) market.


Managed vs. Unmanaged Cloud Hosting: Which Option is Right for You?

Many businesses today are turning to cloud-based services for financial as well as strategic reasons. After making the initial decision to shift to the cloud, organizations are faced with an array of choices. One of which is whether to use public, private or hybrid cloud. But first, IT decision makers need to decide whether Platform-as a service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is the cloud service that will offer the most benefits. Finally, organizations will need to decide whether they want to go with a managed or unmanaged cloud hosting solution.


Cloud Hosting Provider Highlighted as 'Hot Company'

Just when you thought the trend of everything related to the cloud couldn't get any hotter, it did. That is due to the fact that cloud hosting specialist Datapipe was just recognized as a "Hot Company" by Network Products Guide, a company headquartered in the Silicon Valley. Catering to mid- to large-sized companies wishing to leverage robust application management, cloud computing services, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, colocation and data centers solutions, the company boasts six data centers located throughout the U.S., U.K., Hong Kong and China.


Dell's Acquisition of Enstratius Expands Cloud Hosting Capabilities

Dell recently announced the acquisition of Enstratius, an enterprise cloud-management software and services provider that offers single and multi-cloud management capabilities including cloud hosting.


Oracle Sees Great Opportunities for Cloud Hosting in Nigeria

Cloud hosting solutions are gaining popularity among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) thanks to the benefits delivered by the service including: unprecedented flexibility, agility, scalability and consumption-based billing, which help these organization cut costs greatly.


Demystifying the Myths About Cloud Hosting

Although cloud computing has been around long enough for those of us in the industry to understand how greatly it's impacting businesses of all sizes, misperceptions and myths about cloud remain - especially among small businesses that often lack adequate IT resources and professional expertise.


IRC Turns to Cloud Hosting Provider's Managed Exchange as a Service

Operating in over 40 counties and 220 U.S. cities with the goal of helping people to overcome catastrophes and natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornados and tropical storms, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) was recently faced with some pretty significant challenges that - if successfully eliminated - could help to enhance its humanitarian efforts.


Cloud Hosting Provider Vodafone Puts the Cloud on TV

Cloud hosting seems to be everywhere these days, and that includes television. Vodafone Portugal has begun offering cloud hosting services from the TV screen, letting its IPTV customers access their digital content including photos, videos, and documents directly from a television application.


MiCTA Signs Agreement with Verizon to Support Enterprise Cloud Hosting

As cloud computing gains momentum, cloud hosting providers continue to make their entry to new industry verticals and customer segments. Cloud hosting serves as an excellent way to manage both resources and costs.


Global Micro Launches Cloud Hosting Platform for SMBs

With this trend in mind, a South African cloud provider has rolled out a new cloud hosting platform designed to simplify cloud-based data management for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


OpenStack Helps Traditional Hosting Providers Become Cloud Providers

For any ol' person looking to create a website, be it for a blog or fan site or as a portal to a small business offering, the typical plan used to be to sign up with a provider with limited features. In just a few short years, the Internet grew up a bit and providers have harnessed the ethereal cloud, or hosted solutions, to offer their customers feature-packed goodies that they otherwise couldn't before.


Is the Cloud the Future of Storage?

The cloud is that intangible technology that has its purpose pretty much everywhere you go, from social to business and even mobile. The benefits of the ethereal cloud, however, are quite tangible and very real, and when it comes to the cloud hosting, the benefits are plenty.


Datapipe Becomes a Burstorm Preferred Solution Provider

A global provider of managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing, Datapipe was recently selected as a Preferred Solution Provider in Burstorm's Cloud Service Network. Burstorm is a specialist in moving enterprises to the cloud, and providing recommendations based on the latest available cloud computing services as well as the client's own infrastructure, constraints and objectives.


Iveda Solutions Unveils New Cloud Hosted Video Solutions at ISC West

Iveda Solutions, a provider of cloud video hosting technology, has recently unveiled its new services including IvedaMobile at the ISC West event in Las Vegas.


InsynQ Now Hosting SAP Cloud Business Suite

InsynQ, a provider of application hosting services, has revealed that it is helping growing businesses seamlessly migrate to the cloud by hosting the SAP Business Suite.


Datapipe Rated Top Tech Company People Don't Know

There are the public companies we read about on a regular basis, firms such as Apple, Google, General Electric. Then there is a whole class of companies we don't often think about, quiet moneymakers that are privately run and often not splashy enough to make the headlines. But they sure make money.


Daniel Newton Promoted to COO of Datapipe

Datapipe provides managed services and infrastructure for outsourced IT and cloud computing. Through this appointment the company is demonstrating its commitment to operational excellence and world-class customer support.


Datapipe Celebrates Seven Years of 100 Percent Uptime

Cloud hosting provider Datapipe sure has a lot to be proud of. There has been a lot that the company has accomplished over the last several months, and now, it's enjoying the icing on the cake with seven - count 'em seven - years of continuous 100 percent uptime and 99.99 percent over the last nine years. This has led the company to being named "amongst the most reliable sites monitored by Netcraft."